About The CEO

In May 2015, Jonathan launched his DGPU Dark Gable Productions Unlimited Brand.

This is the aggregate of all his learned management, promotional, social media, and red-carpet service expertise (during his Ambi’ance Magazine LA/ATL stint 2011-2014). His “Rip-The -Runway'' red carpet approach has been a game changer in the world of fashion and entertainment.

In June 2015, he began Managing/Consulting with the “Real Nail Qweens, International”, up and coming plus-size model sensation, “Just-So-Jazzy” Johnson, “The Gable Girlz”, and the dirty South’s rap sensation, “The Carolina Henchmen”.

In June 2016, as an only child, Jonathan suffered his most devastating setback to date when he lost his mother, Nellie Mae Fields to cancer. It was during this period that Jonathan decided to take a sabbatical from the rigors of Hollywood and returned to his eastcoast roots to assist with the transitional and grieving process needed for him and his family.

In 2017, Jonathan officially returned to the West Coast (Mesa, Arizona) and began to re-establish himself as a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment community. One of his first projects was to re-establish his business and pre launch the first of two avant-garde magazines.

He projected 2018 to be the debut of his long awaited X’treme Nailz International Magazine. He would later relaunch his Ambi’ance Magazine ATL/ATL under the new title of Ambi’ance Uncut.

Jonathan has been an advocate for many of the unique and unsung women’s movements of the 80’s and 90’s. He is a lifelong supporter of those in need of bipartisan support such as the GAY/Lesbian movement of the 80’s, The fledgling plus-sized modeling trend of the early 2000’s and today’s beautiful women with long or extreme nails.

The X’treme Nailz Movement is today's hottest new personal, and fashion trend (not just in the U.S., but in Europe, Russia, Asia, and Australia) where there are so many amazing stories and testimonies behind these long nailed divas

Jonathan has been waiting to create this platform for over twenty years now. He is not trying to exploit these individuals or jump on some fetish bandwagon (this is truly his manifested destiny). His vision officially launched with “Fly Fashion Nails” on Facebook in 2009. That immediately turned into an interactive blog site.

He also had “Fly Nails” on YouTube, which quickly grew to 20,000 hits. it was then that Jonathan knew there was an interest in these amazing X- Nailz Divas. In 2014 his Facebook page was changed to “Internationally Fly Fashion Nails “to acknowledge and showcase those women from other countries who were following his site regularly.

Because of the demand and newfound acceptance of this movement he felt the time was right for a tangible platform to allow both the X-Nailz Divas and their followers to thrive and DARE 2 BE DIFFERENT!

In 2020 the first Issue of X’treme Nailz International came off the press and in 2021, we announced that one of the premiere legends of X’treme Nails, Ms. Lena Cole would be our Brand Ambassador and face of this platform.
Meanwhile, Ambi’ance Magazine ATL/LA who received a facelift and renamed, was relaunched in 2020 to accommodate the increased demand for underground musical talent, plus-sized fashion events, community/political functions, movie premieres, CD & book signings and X’treme Nailz soirees.

Jonathan is the proud father of four: sons, Jonathan William Fields III, Jordan Isaiah Reyes, William Rashad Fields and daughter, Jaelynn De’ Challon Fields.
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Why X'treme Nailz International Was Created

In 2009 I created a platform that was revolutionary, unique and seemingly unpopular at the time.
My thought was that this platform could allow all the long Nail Divas of the world to meet, interact, exchange ideas and relate to each other's unique talents without bias.
It wasn't about Sexual Exploitation, Financial gain or Fetishism. Just a place that X'treme Nail Ladies (and those that admire them) could thrive.
Today I’m proud to say that X'treme Nailz are a competitive and thriving business globally (places like Europe, Russia, Asia, and Puerto Rico are far ahead of the USA when it comes to X’treme Nailz Technology and Marketing).

We’re not the first or the last to realize the potential of turning X’treme Nailz (and their Nail Techs) into a profitable “business" entity.
However, I guarantee you we were the first to actively pitch the concept of an X’treme Nailz Platform, Promotional Opportunity and a Magazine to tell their UNIQUE stories).
For example, way before TNT's hit series CLAWS hit the airwaves, we had already begun work on our X'treme Nailz Reality show, X'treme Nailz Personal Souvenirs, and Speaking Engagements (as well as X'treme Nailz Radio & Podcast projects).

Now here's the crazy part...75% of the profits that we would have made, would go back to the investors (The X'treme Nailz ladies themselves).
What business model does that? Well ladies, I guess it was "to good to be true" for some, because some of the more popular Long Nail Beauties (and I’m sure your familiar with a lot of them) refused to come on board and be a part of this revolutionary concept.

Some choose to listen to the NAIL HATERS, others continued to be exploited by men (overseas publishers and FETISH groupies) who only wanted to prostitute their claws, but most just didn't "Dare 2 be Different" outside of their comfort zone! I could have gotten frustrated and turned over the rights of my business to less invested individuals to make a quick buck. But I have believed in these ladies and the vision of a true X'treme Nailz Enterprise since (my military days). But today, thanks to the encouragement of my long-time personal and professional associates, I’m once again fully committed to see this vision develop and thrive.

Most people forget where "Plus Size "modeling was 20 years ago? Or how the LGBTQ community was once ridiculed and blackballed? Or when locks, braids and natural hair were frowned upon by mainstream society? I'm glad someone in those discriminated groups decided their voice was important enough for them to make that critical, conscientious and unpopular decision to pioneer a movement (that would forever "change the game" in their community). So, today ladies it's the "X'treme Nailz Divas Internationals" turn to kick the door down and challenge the Nail Industry "Status Quo".

X'treme Nailz International, LLC is going to introduce an amazing Social Gala to the General Public and Nail Fashion Industry (in a way that's never been seen before). It was originally scheduled to premiere August 2020 (before the COVID19 Pandemic hit)! And no, I’m not talking about the Fetish Nail industry or BDSM stuff. We don't promote that! X'treme Nailz International is about uplifting and promoting positive imaging of my Long Nail Divas (not Sexual Exploitation, Gold Digging, Poverty, Compromised Hygiene Practices, Lack of Education or Vocational Prowess).

Those past universal stereotypes have been some of the drawbacks for all the long Nailz Divas and Professional Nail Artists (as far as being respected and/or maximizing their monetary potential in the Nail Game). X’treme Nailz International, LLC wants to ensure those previous obstacles become obsolete!
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