Dark Gable Productions Unlimited is proud to announce that X’treme Nailz Diva & Entrepreneur Ms. Lena Cole, has agreed to accept the vacated position of Brand Ambassador for X’treme Nailz International, LLC & Ambiance Magazine Uncut.

Lena Cole has been an interictal part of the DGPU family for some time. We started out back in 2013 working on a possible reality show for Lena and three other members of the group formerly known as ‘The Real Nail Qweens”.

We were also in the process of developing a one-woman tour where Lena would be the face of the X’treme Nailz Movement (traveling the world and doing Seminars, Guest Appearances and Fashion Photo Shoots)

Unfortunately, in 2016 tragedy struck and Lena’s beloved husband of 20 years transitioned. Lena who at that time was on the verge of Fashion Stardom needed to Grieve, Regroup, Reboot and step away from the bright lights of Hollywood, Atlanta, New York, New Orleans, and Miami to heal and reinvent herself.

Today Lena is better than ever! She is still drop-dead gorgeous, a fashion icon and class personified. Lena Cole will take the X’treme Nailz Movement to another level. Lena Cole is one of the most recognizable X’treme Nailz Divas in the world.

She accumulated literally thousands of followers going back to her Geraldo Rivera, Sally Jesse Raphael, and Howard Stern days.

So, she is seasoned enough and well equipped to handle the responsibility of a true X’treme Nail Icon! Although It took a while to secure this living legend, we got her now. To coin a phrase from the Marvel Universe Avengers movie…. X’treme Nailz Divas Assemble!


My name is Lena Cole, and I have been growing my nails for over 35 years. I was a chronic nail biter and I have always admired women with long nails and wanted to break my nail-biting habit. True story, one day I decided to try to stop biting my nails. It was very hard after several attempts. I figured that if I could just let one nail grow, which was my right thumb nail, I could still satisfy myself by biting the other nine. This worked for me! That thumb nail, to my amazement, was really growing out.

Someone suggested I start going to a nail salon to protect the nail by putting an acrylic overlay over it. By doing this, that thumb nail started growing out of control. I was so impressed and decided to stop biting the rest of my nails and as they say, the rest is history.

Dating was not an issue when it came to my extremely long nails and the love of my life, my beloved husband of 20 years fell in love with me and my nails and was my biggest fan and supporter. My husband, John Cole, may he rest in peace, is no longer with us. He passed away November 1, 2016. He was very instrumental in making me feel special and accepting myself as someone who is special and unique in my own way. He taught me to always believe in myself and to be true to myself.

My nails are the identity of who I am. Someone who is not afraid to express myself by showing the art and beauty of my nails. My nails have exposed me to meeting very interesting people. I have traveled and appeared on national television shows and in international newspapers. I have been interviewed for magazines and radio and posed for professional photo shoots of my nails.

I want to be an inspiration to women all over the world. Ladies stand up and express who you are, no matter how extreme it may be! Be proud and hold your head up and say to the world, “THIS IS ME AND EXCEPT ME FOR WHO I AM!” ---Lena Cole
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