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DGPU can edify and hype with the best in the entertainment business. We promote like we are on STEROIDS

X’treme Nailz

Out of this world custom nailwork.
X’treme Nailz International is a magazine for women who "Dare 2 Be Different". Artistic Expression is a concept, not a fad. Those X-Nail Divas who use their Hair, Fashion, Lifestyle and Nails to elucidate their thoughts, Feelings and Visions are highlighted in XNI Magazine. We are not just colorful pictures. It is the focus on the stories behind the Nailz that make us unique. X’treme Nailz Magazine reflects the arvangard not fetish.

Amb’iance Uncut

Celebrity and Purple Carpet
Do you want the 411 on some of the most influential people in the game (from Hollywood, Miami, New York, Houston, and ATLANTA? Then pick up your copy of AMBI’ANCE UNCUT
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